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GENDYS is for people who feel they are, or may be, transsexual, and friends, partners or professionals in the field, who may not themselves be transsexual.

Members can be entirely open with other members or remain anonymous. This is a matter of personal choice. All personal information is entirely confidential and members are expected to respect this.

Subscriptions support the network and help to provide the various services.


Annual membership costs £23 per annum,
plus an initial registration fee of £2
Overseas: EEC £26 plus £2, Rest of the world (airmail) £28 plus £2
(Payment, please, by Sterling Cheque.)
Concessionary rate for unwaged people
£14 per annum, plus £2 initially (please supply documentary proof.)
Partners at the same address join free.
Full family membership £23 per annum, plus £2 initially.

You should be aware that information transmitted over the web is not secure, so we ask you to write directly to BM GENDYS, London WC1N 3XX. A stamped self-addressed envelope would be appreciated.

Copies of "Transexed and Transgendered People - A Guide" are available at the members' price of £13.50, including postage and packing.

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