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One of the most frequent complaints in the transgender community is that people may set themselves up as counsellors with little or no qualifications. We welcome this new venture, which will make it easier for people to find competent help.

The accreditation process for a counsellor is no picnic. Those that achieve it will have spent many years in peer-supervised practice and continuous assessment and training. Many will have undertaken a University degree in one of the humanities and have a post-graduate diploma.

Counselling, properly done, is demanding work. Professional counsellors have to limit their activities accordingly. You may find that someone you approach is fully booked, or feels unable to help with gender identity issues. Nevertheless, they will be able to recommend someone they know personally.

The United Kingdom Register of Counsellors is a UK system for the registration of Counsellors that requires standards of safe and accountable practice appropriate to the context in which counselling is being delivered. The aim of the Register is to inform and protect those who consult or refer to counsellors, and to give counsellors a United Kingdom system for the recognition of their qualifications and experience. There are a considerable number and type of counselling qualifications, and the Register is beginning by providing registration for Independent Practitioners Accredited by BAC or COSCA. Eventually, it means that it may only be necessary to ask if a counsellor is UKRC registered.

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