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Counselling Psychologists

British Psychological Society Directory of Chartered Psychologists

Read the descriptions carefully. Some only accept referrals through NHS or private organisations.
Some, however, offer an e-mail. We do not suggest that you try to enter psychotherapy on-line, but the person may be willing to help, or to recommend someone.
Agree fees beforehand, possibly more than a counsellor would ask. It is not easy to see why this should be so. A cynic, perhaps, would suggest that the word 'psychologist' carries more kudos in the statutory sector.

Counselling psychologists work with individuals and groups, helping them to improve their sense of well-being, alleviate their distress, resolve their crises and increase their ability to solve problems and make decisions. Counselling psychologists are concerned to help people to cope more effectively with normal lifecycle developmental issues such as relationship breakdown, career change, redundancy, loss and bereavement, and illness. Counselling psychologists apply systematic research-based approaches to help themselves and others to understand problems and to develop potential solutions to them. Counselling psychologists use a range of approaches and skills including humanistic, psycho-dynamic and cognitive-behavioural, and may also employ skills of assessment and testing. Counselling psychologists work in a range of settings including health centres, GP practices, industry and commerce, student counselling services and private practice.

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