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Change of Love

Valerie France

Book Review by Alice Purnell

This is a novel in 220 pages, looking at emotions, relationships, religious questions, and a character Hilary who holds a secret, which draws the heroine Joanna into a lot of soul searching. It places the transsexual person as a multidimensional individual, all too often this is not the case in fiction, where they are often seen as tragedian characters, in much the same way as lesbians were portrayed in the fifties and earlier novels.

It is not a heavy tome, the style quite modern and is rather reminiscent of Joanna Trollope.

The story engages feelings and emotions, which may help some readers find common ground.

It acknowledges the support of Sibyls in dealing with the trans and religious issues.

Published by Outpress 2003
11, Marshalsea Rd, London SE11EN
£7.99 + £2 p& p
Paperback, 228 pages,
ISBN 0 9544722 0 9
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