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Finding the Real Me:

True Tales of Sex & Gender Diversity

Edited by Dr. Tracie O'Keefe and Katrina Fox

Review kindly provided by Alice Purnell

Tracie and with her partner Katrina have collected and edited material for this book from 23 individuals, who tell their own stories. Dr Steve Whittle provides a Foreword.

The book consists of 293 pages, including 6 on resources (groups). The authors tell their own stories in their own ways. They represent themselves, not types or labels.

They are as diverse in experience, motivation, individuality, as could be. They cross national and cultural boundaries and describe their journeys towards self-acceptance in a world where sex and gender dipolarities are regarded as the norms, against the fact of diversity. Many have fought battles against intolerance, oppression, or violence, as well as the internal journey towards self-understanding and acceptance.

We all occupy a real world and those challenged by not quite fitting into the "Normal" have this journey to make. It is a fascinating read to find courage, hope, and laughter through the tears.

Perhaps their stories go some way towards describing and reinforcing pride in those who are gender or sexually diverse, indeed in the Human Spirit. A special sort of courage is needed to survive as an "outsider". Belonging is a problem for those who "do not fit in". These accounts are unified in celebration of their essential selves and their willingness to say so.

Published by Jossey Bass, division of Wiley, 2003
Paperback 320 pages ,
ISBN 0 787965 47 2
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