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Transvestism and Cross Dressing:
Current Views

The Beaumont Trust

Edited by Jed Bland

Transvestism - The Last Taboo
Why Does Transexuality Exist?
So, What is a Transvestite?
TV, TG, TS - What's in a Label?
Are you a cross-dresser or a transvestite?
In the Closet
The Internet Influence on Transfamilies
Sexuality and the Transvestite
The Academic View of Transvestism
Getting Referred
Gender and Cross Dressing across
Time and Culture
Transvestism, the Church and the Law.
Transvestism and the Church.
Transgender and the Law
Personally Speaking
A Cure for Transvestism?
Relatively Speaking.
Help and Support for Transvestites.
Coming Out
The First Time
The Joy of Transvestism.
Into the Open
The Police are Only Human
A Final Word
Dangerous Delusions

Towards an understanding . . .

"Why do I like dressing in women's clothes?", "Why does my husband want to dress in my clothes, use my jewellery - my make-up?" These and a host of other questions are asked by transvestites themselves and by their loved ones. Public perceptions are formed by a generally unhelpful portrayal by the media, while textbooks inevitably approach the subject from a pathologising viewpoint.

This book is a collection of articles by professional writers and by participants in this much misunderstood activity. It aims to answer some of the questions in a more detailed manner than is possible on the helpline, while being non-directive and non-judgmental - and without being an apologia.

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