What does deregulation of laser clinics mean for the client?

Chris Hart
MD Cristianos Laser Clinic


Issue 52
Winter 2010

With effect from 1st October 2010 beauty salons providing laser or intense pulsed light (IPL) for cosmetic hair removal are no longer required to register with the Care Quality Commission. Healthcare professionals providing light based treatment remain required to register under certain circumstances. But what does this mean for the potential client looking for professional and effective treatment for hair removal?

Chris Hart MD of Cristianos Laser Clinic Ltd. has been providing successful treatment for trans clients since 1997 and has seen many regulatory changes during that time. Chris had this to say "Because of our use of laser we have always been regulated and inspected and although time consuming, bureaucratic, complex and expensive in my opinion it is the only way to ensure safety and quality assurance come as standard."

"Clients have a right to expect a high level of service and a treatment that works. There have been many changes in the regulatory process and the Care Standards Act 2000 heralded the requirement for users of IPL systems to be registered and inspected. Many small salons struggled to adjust to the requirements and even more flouted the Law and operated without registration. I believe the decision to deregister all such providers will mean potential clients will need to be ever more vigilant to ensure they get what they pay for. Many people will be offering treatment but not all of them will be producing long term results.

"Clients must remember hair removal is an investment in the future it's not like going along to the local salon to have an eyebrow shape every month. Quality assured results are what matter and sadly I believe de-regulation will do nothing to enhance the client's experience. The specialist nature of the work carried out by Cristianos means that we will remain registered with The Care Quality Commission and we will continue to strive for excellence in quality assured treatment, care and support for our clients".

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