Primary Care Trust (PCT) Funding
Help with Treatment Costs For Hair Removal

Chris Hart (Cristianosis Laser Clinic)


Issue 44
Winter 2008

The availability of hair removal on the NHS varies from one Trust to another and is generally regarded as a cosmetic treatment. Some Trusts will have electrolysis clinics attached to their dermatology departments but generally speaking the waiting lists are extensive and the amount of treatment is restricted regardless of the detrimental effect the hair growth might be having on the client's quality of life. The availability of light based technology i.e.laser or intense pulsed light IPL within this framework is even more rare. Nevertheless where individual cases are presented certain Trusts are willing to out-source such treatment. Cristianos is a clinic known not only for the high standards of treatment and care but also the support offered to the trans community. That same quality of client centred treatment and care has resulted in Cristianos being assessed by several Primary Care Trusts as being a suitable for providing contracted services for hair removal.

Chris Hart MD at Cristianos comments "The client's need has always been the driving force within Cristianos and the support we have provided to clients has resulted in many acquiring funding not only for hair removal of male pattern facial hair removal but also from the genitial prior to SRS for M2F clients and the treatment of the donor site skin tissue prior to and post operatively for phalloplasty clients."

If you feel the problem is affecting your quality of life your PCT may pay for you to have treatment at Cristianos. If you think you would benefit you can contact Cristianos on freephone 0800-0850661 or in confidence to

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