The Love of Social Workers




Issue 39
Autumn 2007

I've come to believe that it should not be the state which should care about people but people who should care about people. The reasoning in large part for this is that when the only person who cares about you is somebody who is paid to care about you then it makes you feel worthless.

A few years back a few people told me that I treated people like social workers, to which my response was that being as all I'd pretty much known since childhood was social workers it shouldn't come as any surprise. After my Mother committed suicide my family took the view that I wasn't their responsibility and that as I was disabled I need specialist help. This wouldn't be the last time the fact I was physically disabled would be used as an excuse to reject me.

In fact it's a pretty regular occurrence the main reason being that people seem to think rather than them caring about you it should be a social worker. Yeah I wonder whether people know how low it feels when the only love you going to get is from a social worker, somebody who's paid to care about you because nobody else can be bothered. But of course social workers don't love you, they aren't your friend. You're just part of their job, their duty of care, which ends when they clock off. Plus if you want help to outside their professional remit you're screwed. Social workers think in practical terms shirt on one's back, roof over their head, food on their plate. But if you just need a little help becoming Sophie transvestite dominatrix they won't as such a thing would be inappropriate, though if somebody is drinking themselves to death they won't confront that individual because doing so would be 'therapeutic' and social workers don't do that.

Nor do social workers understand that a man can not live by bread alone. Often answer for people who crave TLC is to get them in therapy. Like it's an unnatural or something to want somebody to actually care about you? To fair it really isn't their remit to do so it's the job of friends and family. But when family think it's the social workers job and then those you attempt to build friendship's think it is you think you might as well give up breathing.

When I was 18 and I was having problems after leaving institutional care two separate members of my family told me I belong to the state. So its no wonder I want to demolish this notion that it should be left to the state to care about the disabled. That maybe people should accept we all have problems which we need to be considerate and care about … yeah a bit too utopian and therefore complete unrealistic. The reality is that everybody will always think that it should be the state that should care about me not them and therefore I'll always feel worthless.

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