Hair Removal Prior to SRS

Chris Hart

Cristianos Laser Clinic


Issue 31
Autumn 2005

It would seem that the great laser versus electrolysis debate continues with anecdotal evidence of good and, sadly, bad experiences of both methods of hair removal. The continuing discussion centred round the removal of hair from the genitalia prior to gender reassignment appears to have sparked mixed views. It would appear that professional advice is divided on the subject.

Beauty therapists experienced in the treatment of transwoman believe treatment with electrolysis to be the preferred option in all cases, however many members will of read the article by Chris Hart in issue number 2, where Chris advises against the use of electrolysis for this particular area of the body. We pressed Chris to clarify her position.

My opinion has been formulated from my knowledge as a qualified electrologist, my experience and my discussions with surgeons working in the field not least of all the eminent Mr Mike Royal. It is not unusual for professional opinion to differ, as professionals care about the treatment they provide for their clients and open debate will usually result in the formulation of best practice guidelines. The most important thing to remember here is that the client must be informed of the treatment options, benefits, effects, side effects, risks, limitations and possible cost of any treatment before they can give their consent. It is vital that clients are fully informed (warts and all) if they are to be armed with the correct information with which to make their decision with regard to the most appropriate treatment to meet their individual needs. Where the client has not been fully informed then consent is not valid.

The Department of Health produce a free leaflet entitled Consent- What you have a right to expect (July 2001), which is available free of charge.

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