GENDYS '96 Conference. 1996

Speakers and their topics.

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The Beaumont Trustline.
Jay Walmsley.
Beaumont Trust Trustline Organiser, Secretary & Treasurer, Seahorse Society, Secretary & Treasurer, Sibyls (Christian Transgender Group).
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Transvestism & transsexualism: a dichotomy?
Dr. M.T.Haslam
MD, FRCP, FRC Psych. Medical Director, South Durham NHS Trust, Winterton Hospital, Sedgefield Co. Durham. Trustee of the Beaumont Trust.
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Patients who have Regretted GRS.
Dr. Don Montgomery
M.B, Ch.B, F.R.C.Psych, F.R.C.N.Z.Psych. Consultant Psychiatrist, Clinic Director, Charing Cross GIC, (Report prepared by Alice Purnell)  Pages 16-17

Transsexual Change - A Problematic Path?
Dr. Susan V. Carr
Senior Clinical Medical Officer, Centre for Family Planning and Sexual Health, Glasgow.
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Clitoroplasty - a Follow-up.
Mr. Michael Royle
M.B., F.R.C.S Consultant Surgeon, Urologist.
Sarah Muirhead-Allwood
BSc.(Hons), M.B., F.R.C.S. Consultant Surgeon. Pages 19-20
TS's Over 60 in the Netherlands.
Petra Klene. Humanitas, Amsterdam. Social worker, Gender Therapist. Pages 21-25

Roads to Freedom
Prof. Jane Playdon
B.A.(Hons), M.A, M.Ed, F.R.S.A University of London, Education Adviser, Br. Postgrad Med Fed,
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Fifty-Plus Survey.
Alice Purnell
BSc RGN, PGDC. Psychologist/Counsellor, Nurse,
Dorothy Jerrome
PhD, PGDC Senior University Lecturer, University of Southampton, Gerontologist, Social Anthropologist. Counsellor/Psychologist,
Programmer and researcher: Tracy Dean.
Researcher, Designer and Printer, Trustee The Gender Trust.
Republished in Transexed and Transgendered People - A Guide by Alice Purnell ISBN 0-9525107-7-4

Children and Transsexual Parents.
Richard Green
MD JD MRC Psych. Consultant Psychiatrist, Director of Research, G.I.C. Charing Cross Hospital, Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Criminology, Cambridge University
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Orchidectomy As A First Stage Towards Gender Assignment: A Positive Option.
Dr. Russell Reid
M.B., ChB, FRC Psych. Consultant Psychiatrist, Hillingdon Hospital & Private Practice London Institute
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A Survival Guide One Year On.
Ms. Jaye Isherwwod
Marketing Manager. Pages 62-65
Does God Hate the Transsexual?
Revd. David Horton.
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Mary Smith
Secretary, MERMAIDS,
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Genderness and Gentleness: How radical a change is a sex-change?
Drs. Toni Zandvliet
Psychotherapist/Counsellor, Gender Therapist, Amsterdam  Pages 72-75
Narcissism is not a Dirty Word
Napewastewiñ Marjorie Anne Shützer
MA Psy. Psychotherapist, Denmark and USA.
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The Trans-Cyberian Mail Way.
Dr. Stephen Whittle
Ph-D, MA, LL.B, BA. The School of Law, The Manchester Metropolitan University.
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Cross Dressers, Transsexuals and the Media.
Jed Bland
Author & Publisher (as Derby TV/TS Group)
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Is the Future Transgendered?
Dr. Richard Ekins
PhD. Director, The Trans-Gender Archive, University of Ulster. Senior Lecturer in Social Psychology, University of Ulster
Dr Dave King
PhD. Department of Sociology, The University of Liverpool,
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Perceptions of a Woman.
Barbara Ross
CQSW. Social Worker, Gender Counsellor, Oasis Social Group Director
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An Australian Perspective.
Kate Cummings
Writer, University reference librarian, New South Wales, Australia.  Pages 108-113

Ban Sex Changes.
Tracie Frances O'Keefe
Clinical Hypnotherapist/N.L.P. Psychotherapist, London.
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The  Potential Contribution of Nursing to the Care of Clients with Gender Dysphoria: Preliminary Report.
Phil Clegg
M.Sc., R.G.N., R.M.N. Senior Lecturer in Nursing, Leeds Metropolitan University Social Sciences Research.
Rosemary Pearson
B.Sc.Hons, R.G.N.,R.M.N. Specialist Nurse Researcher, Leeds Gender Identity Unit.
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Seminar: Pressing For Change.
Christine Burns
MSc. Researcher, Gender Trust Associate.
Alex Whinnon
MA, B.Mus. Vice-President, Press for Change. Page 128
Training and the MTF TS: Workshop on Deportment.
Stephanie Robinson and Sarah Bailey
Lazarus Beauty Studios, London Page 129

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