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GENDYS II Conference. 1992

Speakers and their topics.

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The Beaumont Trustline.
Jay Walmsley.
Trustee, Beaumont Trust. BT Trustliner. GEMS and Seahorse Society.
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Clinical Considerations on late onset M to F TS; Double Gender Identity.
Dr. I. A. Hohberger
Consultant Psychiatrist, Harley Street and Charing Cross Hospital Pages 13-15

An Assessment of Treatments and Follow up on a group of 102 TS's.
Alice Purnell
Nursing Manager. Psychologist. Conference Organiser. Chairperson, Beaumont Trust
Republished in Transexed and Transgendered People - A Guide by Alice Purnell ISBN 0-9525107-7-4

Psychiatry and The Beaumont Society - an apologia.
Dr. Michael Haslam,
Consultant Psychiatrist, Harrogate Clinic, Yorkshire. Trustee, Beaumont Trust.
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Gender Confirmation Surgery - Male to Female.
Mr. Michael Royle
Consultant Urologist, The Avenue Clinic, Hove (Brighton Health District) Pages 39-41

Standards of Care: A Critical Review, with Suggested Amendments.
Dr. Russell Reid
Consultant Psychiatrist, The London Institute of Human Sexuality.
Full Text

Group Psychotherapy in a Gender Identity Clinic.
Dr. Don Montgomery
Consultant Psychiatrist, Charing Cross Hospital. (Summary by J.Bland) Page 47
A Clinical Conundrum: The Establishment of the Leeds Gender Identity Clinic
Dr. R. Snaith
Senior Lecturer in Psychiatry, St. James' Hospital, Leeds. Pages 48-53

The Counsellor's Role.
Anne Hanson.
Trustee, Beaumont Trust and Gender Trust. BT Trustliner.
Full Text

Gender Diversity and General Practice.
Dr. Colin Ogdon,
B.Sc (Hons), MB, Ch.B. Honorary Lecturer, Department of General Practice, Manchester University Page 58-61
"In an Ideal World." Dr. J. Costanzi, The Portland Clinic. Pages 62-65

Complementary Networks from a Social Work Perspective. Barbara Ross.
Social Worker. OASIS group.
Full Text

"Transexuals are Interesting People . . . . but why?"
Drs. Tony Zandvliet.
Psychologist, Netherlands. Pages 69-70
Endocrinology and the Prenatal Period.
Dr. Ellis Snitcher
Endocrinologist. (Summary by J. Bland) Pages 71-72
Hormone Treatment in Transexuals.
Henk Assheman MD and Louis J. G. Gooren MD.
Free University Hospital, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.Pages 73-81

Role Reversal, Sex Change and Intersexuality in Animals.
David De Lyon
Biologist. Government Service Officer.
Full Text
About Disorders of Body Image and Gender Identity.
Professor John Money
Professor of Medical Psychology, Professor of Pediatrics Emeritus, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore. USA.(Report prepared by Angela Price) Pages 90-92

The Criminalisation of the Transsexual
Steven Whittle BA, LL B.
Lecturer At Law, Manchester Polytechnic. Co-Ordinator, F.T.M. Network
Full Text

Seminar: Aspects of Sexuality. Helen Allsop. Pages 100-101
Seminar: 10,000 Years of Gender. Rae Brown.Pages 102-104
Seminar: A Viewpoint on Cross Gender Life Experience.
Jed Bland.
Full Text

Workshop: Ethical and Religious Questions.
Rev. David Horton
Minister, Church of England.
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Workshop: Gender Stereotypes.
David Elvy
Vice-President, Beaumont Society. Treasurer, Family Division, British Association for Counselling.
Full Text

Report of the F to M workshop.
Stephen Whittle BA, LL B.
Lecturer At Law, Manchester Polytechnic. Co-Ordinator, F.T.M.Network Page 118

Seminar: Hair Replacement and Problem Hair
Krystyna Bradley.
Hair replacement specialist. Page 119

Workshop: Sex and the TV.
David Elvy
Vice-President, Beaumont Society. Treasurer, Family Division, British Association for Counselling. Trustee, Beaumont Trust. BT Trustliner.
Full Text

Workshop: Wives, Partners and Families.
Christine Davey.
Trustee, Beaumont Trust. Beaumont Trust Wives Line Page 122

Seminar: Transvestite - Man of the 21st. Century. Cathy Rose. Pages 123-124

Workshop: Transexuals and the Media. Cllr. Rachael Webb Pages 125-127


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