GENDYS Conference. 1990

Speakers and their topics.

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Beaumont Trust. International gender dysphoria conference, 1990

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The Beaumont Trustline - Considerations in establishing and maintaining a helpline for Transvestities and Transsexuals.
Jean Ferris
Trustee of Beaumont Trust, BT Trustliner, Seahorse. Pages 4-6

Employment Problems for Transsexuals and Transvestites.
Ann Hanson
Trustee of Gender Trust, Beaumont Trustline.
Full Text

Causation and The TV/TS World.
Dr M T Haslam
Consultant Psychiatrist, Trustee of Beaumont Trust.
Full Text

Male Cross Dressing, Sex changing and the British Press.
Dr Dave King
Dept. of Sociology, University of Liverpool.
Full Text

Information regarding Transexualism.
Dr Russell W. Reid
Consultant Psychiatrist, St. Bernards Hospital, Middlesex and the London Institute, 10 Warwick Road, SW5.
Full Text

Some general considerations on Transexualism and Gender Reassignment
Dr I A D Hohberger
Consultant Psychiatrist, Charing Cross Hospital, Fulham Palace Road, W6 and 10, Harley Street, London. Trustee of Beaumont Trust Pages 18-21

Problems of voice modulation for Transvestities and Transsexuals.
Edna Pooley
Beaumont Trustliner. Pages 22-23

Dorothy Clare, Dip Psych, and Dr. Bryan Tully
Chartered Clinical Psychologist, 23/4, George Street, Richmond, Surrey. Pages 24-27

Phalloplasty - A Personal View.
Todd Pages 28 only
Conflicts in Counselling.
Joyce Draper. Pages 29-30

Building a transgender archive
Dr Richard Ekins
Psychotherapist, Gender Trustee, Director of the Transgender Archive, University of Ulster.
Full Text

Women and their widely differing reactions to their cross dressing partners.
Monica Jay
Beaumont Trustliner. Pages 35-36
Transsexuals and Local Authority Equal Opportunities Policies
Rachel Webb
Councillor, London Borough of Lambeth. Pages 37-40

'It's all in the mind'
Impromptu talk by Alice (BSc., RGN.)
Full Text

Intellect, identity and uncertainty.
A. Lloyd
Trustee of Gender Trust. Pages 43-45

Workshop: The Well Adjusted TV
P Armitage and Jed Bland Page 46 only

Workshop: Coming Out
Mark Rees. Pages 47 only

Workshop: The Law and the TS
Steve Whittle LlB, BA GDT Pages 48 only

Workshop: Female to Male TS Psychological Aspects of Transsexualism.
Norma Normane BS. GDT Pages 49-50
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